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50TPD continuous tire pyrolysis machine was shipped to America

On March 16, 2024, the 50TPD continuous tire pyrolysis machine finished the shipping, including the main reactor equipment, cooling system and other equipped configurations. The following are some pictures of the continuous tire pyrolysis machine to America:

Shipping pictures of continuous tire pyrolysis machine to AmericaShipping pictures of continuous tire pyrolysis machine to America

The continuous tire pyrolysis machine ordered by the American customer has the biggest processing capacity of 50TPD, which can fully meet the demands of the American customer. With this machine, the rubber tire can be recycled to fuel oil and carbon black, which all have wide applications:

Fuel oil: It is a kind of heavy oil, which can be used as the good alternative fuel energy in some heavy oil plants, such as cement plants, steel plants, glass plants, etc. And it can also be further refined to non-standard diesel for wider applications.

Carbon black: It is also a good heating fuel, which can be briquetted into balls and used in brick factories, cement factories; and after further refining, it can be used as paints or making new rubber products.

Applications of obtained carbon blackApplications of obtained carbon black

The American customer is involved in the waste rubber recycling industry, which provides abundant materials for him to invest in the tire pyrolysis machine project. At the preliminary stage of the project, selecting a suitable tire pyrolysis machine became the top priority for the customer. After knowing that DOING has many successful projects in other countries, like India, Mexico and Brazil, the American customer sent an inquiry to DOING by leaving a message on the website, and our sales manager made a detailed and patient introduction about our machine details and projects for the customer. During the consulting process, our sales manager also provides a customization scheme for him, which has the 50TPD processing capacity and some other equipped configurations to enhance the work performance of the equipment.

DOING continuous tire pyrolysis machine for saleDOING continuous tire pyrolysis machine for sale

The following are some advantages of the continuous tire pyrolysis machine ordered by the American customer, which also contribute to the friendly cooperation between the American customer and DOING:

1. Big processing capacity to enhance work efficiency;

2. Fully automatic PLC control system to save time and labor and enhance work safety;

3. Equipped environmental protection systems to avoid air/dust/water pollution and meet exhaust gas emission standards;

4. Abundant project experience and comprehensive services(from equipment selecting to installation and operation) providing;

5. Factory directly supply to offer a reasonable price;

DOING fully automatic PLC control system for saleDOING fully automatic PLC control system for sale

About forty days later, the set of 50TPD continuous tire pyrolysis machine will arrive in America, then DOING will provide professional guidance for the American customer based on his situation to help him set up the tire pyrolysis machine project successfully.

Over the past 13 years, DOING has been committed to researching the technology of pyrolysis machine, including but not limited to the continuous pyrolysis machine. And our pyrolysis machine has won many quality certificates and patents, so if you have any questions about our pyrolysis machine, welcome to consult, more details will be shared for you!

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