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14MTPD Capacity of Waste oil recycling refinery plant project in Ghana

Good news! Another waste oil treatment plant project was successfully installed in Ghana in July, 2023. It was a set of 14MTPD capacity of waste oil recycling refinery plant, which can help Ghanaian customers recycle waste tires plastic pyrolysis oil into diesel fuel.

Here is the installation picture of 14MTPD capacity of waste oil recycling refinery plant installed in Ghana:

700 加纳精炼安装.jpg

This 14MTPD capacity of waste oil recycling refinery plant is the second cooperation with our Ghanaian customers. They have installed 3 sets of pyrolysis plants to recycle waste tire plastic into fuel under the guidance of DOING's professional project manager and engineer team. The obtained pyrolysis oil has high calorific value, is a great alternative heating fuel for various kinds of boilers and furnaces. Many steel factories, brick factories, cement factories, boilers, and heavy oil power plants in local areas will need to buy pyrolysis oil.

pyrolysis oil applicationsTire Plastic pyrolysis oil applications&sales market

After the pyrolysis plant ran well, our Ghanaian customers decided to expand the product line and develop the pyrolysis oil further processing business, that is using waste oil recycling refinery plants to refine pyrolysis oil into diesel. The obtained diesel has further applications, such as diesel generators, trucks, tractors, agricultural machinery, ships, boats, etc. The final sales market will be wider.

Based on the good feedback on pyrolysis plant and good cooperation experience, they sent us inquiries again and purchased 14MTPD capacity of waste oil recycling refinery plant from us Henan Doing Company again. Besides the waste tire plastic pyrolysis oil, the waste oil recycling refinery plant can also be used to recycle waste oils like used engine oil, used motor oil, old lube oil, black oil, etc. into diesel.

waste oil recycling refinery plantNew solid catalyst waste oil recycling refinery plant

It's worth mentioning that this set of 14MTPD capacity of waste oil recycling refinery plant installed in Ghana adopts the new solid catalysts technology, which has the advantages of high automation degree, high processing efficiency, time and energy saving features. All the solid catalysts can be directly purchased from our company at factory price. Once purchased, you won’t need to replace the solid catalyst for almost half a year.

We Henan Doing Company feel so honored to cooperate with so many customers and get trust and praise again and again. We would like to help our customers in setting up waste to fuel oi/diesel pyrolysis refinery plants smoothly. If you have related plans, please feel free to contact Henan Doing Company for an inquiry!

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