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DOING Pyrolysis Equipment Project Cases in America Nations

Over the past decade, Henan Doing Corporation has successfully facilitated the installation of waste management systems, specifically tailored for tires, plastics, and oil sludge, across numerous American nations. The footprint of our waste pyrolysis equipment projects spans Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Suriname, and Curacao, with an impressive portfolio of 36 installations alone in Mexico.

This passage highlights several key pyrolysis equipment projects illustrating our capabilities and impact in the region.

Project 1: La Paz, Mexico - Waste Tire Recycling and Treatment

In 2014, we commissioned ten waste tire pyrolysis equipments capable of processing approximately 100 tons of waste daily for our customers from La Paz, Mexico. To maximize resource recovery, the client also adopted our oil distillation equipment, converting the output into usable diesel alternatives.

pyrolysis equipment in MexicoWaste pyrolysis equipment project installed in Mexico

Project 2: Brazil - Scalable Pyrolysis Solutions

Our collaboration with a regular Brazilian client is more than 3 times, including the installation of small 100kg pyrolysis equipment and distillation plant, and a 50TPD continuous pyrolysis equipment in 2023. The seamless integration and subsequent repeat business underscore our technology's effectiveness and client satisfaction.

continuous pyrolysis equipment in BrazilContinuous pyrolysis equipment project installed in Brazil

Project 3: Colombia - Tailored Waste to Fuel Conversion Solution

A Colombian entity visited our facility for a comprehensive consultation, leading to the implementation of a 10-ton-per-day waste tire and plastic pyrolysis equipment. Its operational success garnered positive reviews and reinforced our customized approach.

tire plastic pyrolysis equipment project in ColombiaTire plastic pyrolysis equipment project in Colombia

Project 4: United States of America(USA)- Fully Automated Environmental Pyrolysis Equipment Solution

In the U.S., we installed an advanced and environmentally compliant, 50TPD fully automated pyrolysis equipment in America, designed for continuous rubber powder processing. Its high automation level, featuring automatic feeders and carbon black discharge mechanisms, ensures efficient operations.

Beyond these examples, Henan Doing Company also undertook numerous other successful ventures across the Americas. We encourage interested parties to reach out for further details on our global projects.

fully automatic pyrolysis equipment in USAFully automatic pyrolysis equipment delivered to USA

Commitment to Excellence & Customer Satisfaction

At Doing, we are dedicated to advancing our technology and service offerings to exceed customer expectations:

1. Cutting-edge Technology & Performance: Our portfolio includes not only batch and semi-continuous models but also pioneering fully continuous pyrolysis equipment, backed by numerous patents that attest to our innovation and product reliability.

Batch Continuous Pyrolysis Equipment in AmericaBatch Continuous Pyrolysis Equipment for sale in America

2. Expert Installation & Comprehensive Support: Our commitment extends beyond delivery, encompassing professional installation assistance, on-site engineer deployment upon request, and a comprehensive one-year warranty program.

pyrolysis equipment manufacturerPyrolysis equipment manufacturer services

In conclusion, Henan Doing Corporation stands as a trusted partner for you seeking to embark on waste-to-fuel pyrolysis plant projects. Our proven track record and extensive experience in the Americas make us ideally positioned to support your waste to fuel pyrolysis equipment projects. We eagerly anticipate your inquiries and potential collaboration.

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