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The Brazilian customer purchased three sets of 15TPD waste tire pyrolysis plants

New order! On April 3, 2024, DOING reached the friendly cooperation with the Brazilian customer on three sets of 15TPD waste tire pyrolysis plants.

The Brazilian customer had been involved in the pyrolysis industry for several years, who also has running waste tire pyrolysis plant. However, with the development and update of pyrolysis technology, the pyrolysis plant owned by our Brazilian customer can't meet the demands of the customer well. So purchasing the waste tire pyrolysis plants with the newest technology to enhance its working efficiency becomes the best choice for the Brazilian customer. The semi-continuous pyrolysis plant purchased by the Brazilian customer has higher work efficiency than the batch type and lower investment than the continuous type.

DOING semi-continuous pyrolysis plant for saleDOING semi-continuous pyrolysis plant for sale

Henan DOING Company, who has been participating in researching and developing pyrolysis plants for over 14 years, and has multiple experience of providing professional and comprehensive services for our customers. After learning the core demands of the Brazilian customer, our sales manager made a detailed introduction about our company and arranged a factory visit for our Brazilian customer. During the factory visit, our sales manager made a detailed introduction about our company and equipment, including the design and fabrication details of the waste tire pyrolysis plant and some services that DOING can provide.

Professional engineer and fabrication team of DOINGProfessional engineer and fabrication team of DOING

In addition to this, our sales manager also shared some successful pyrolysis plant projects in South America, for example, 50TPD continuous pyrolysis plant in Brazil, 15TPD waste tire pyrolysis plant in Colombia, etc., which won the trust and praise of the Brazilian customer and contributed to friendly cooperation of DOING and the customer. The following picture is of a DOING pyrolysis plant operation site in Brazil:

DOING fully continuous pyrolysis plant in BrazilDOING fully continuous pyrolysis plant in Brazil

According to the Brazilian customer's feedback, he was greatly satisfied with the equipment quality and service attitude of DOING, and he believed that this cooperation would be a win-win development for both parties. Finally, the Brazilian customer purchased three sets of 15TPD waste tire pyrolysis plants from DOING to enhance his work efficiency and business scale.

About fifty days later, these three sets of 15TPD waste tire pyrolysis plants will finish their fabrication, and then they will be delivered to Brazil. After arriving, DOING professional engineer will customize the installation and operation guidance plan for our Brazilian customer based on his situation to help him enlarge his business scale successfully.

Overall servces provided by DOINGOverall servces provided by DOING

In addition to the waste tire pyrolysis plant, DOING also has other equipment for our customers' reference: waste plastic pyrolysis plant, oil sludge pyrolysis plant, aluminum plastiuc pyrolysis plant, waste oil distillation plant and other waste recycling plants. If you want to get more information about them, just feel free to contact us, more discounts waiting for you.

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