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A regular Brazilian customer ordered a set of skid-mounted pyrolysis machine

New cooperation! On January 31, 2024, a regular Brazilian customer ordered a set of skid-mounted pyrolysis machine from DOING.

This is the third cooperation between DOING and the regular Brazilian customer. In 2021, the Brazilian customer purchased a 100kg skid-mounted pyrolysis machine to test for the availability of the tyre pyrolysis machine project. After running, the Brazilian customer was greatly satisfied with the performance of DOING pyrolysis machine and made the second order for DOING on a set of 50TPD continuous pyrolysis machine, which has been put into operation successfully. (Recommended reading: 50TPD fully continuous pyrolysis machine project installed in Brazil.)

Continuous pyrolysis machine project in BrazilContinuous pyrolysis machine project in Brazil

To further enlarge the processing capacity and explore new opportunities, the Brazilian customer expressed a desire to experiment with different raw materials. In line with this vision, the Brazilian customer decided to procure a dedicated small pyrolysis machine to test for the oil yield and profits of other materials. Over the past several years, DOING has been committed to updating the design and technology of our pyrolysis machine to meet customers' various demands. So when the Brazilian customer decided to purchase a new skid-mounted pyrolysis machine with the latest technology and design, DOING became the first choice.

Design details of DOING pyrolysis machineDesign details of DOING pyrolysis machine

The 100kg skid-mounted pyrolysis machine ordered by the Brazilian customer is a popular choice for many customers. If you are a novice investor in pyrolysis machine business or have a smaller investment scale, this type will be a better choice. Additionally, DOING also has other types and capacities for your reference, like the semi-continuous type with capacity of 10-20TPD, fully continuous type with capacity of 20-50TPD, and we also can provide the customization service for you.

Four types of DOING pyrolysis machines for saleFour types of DOING pyrolysis machines for sale

The repeat order from our Brazilian customer not only showcases his unwavering trust in DOING Group but also serves as a testament to the enduring success of our partnership. We are immensely grateful for their continued support and are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.

As the leading manufacturer and supplier of pyrolysis machine, DOING looks forward to cooperating with you. If you are interested in the pyrolysis machine, welcome to contact us directly!

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