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Uzbekistan Client Orders 2 sets of 15TPD pyrolysis plant from Doing Company

With the aim of achieving cost savings and optimizing their production, a valued client from Uzbekistan placed an order for two sets of 15TPD pyrolysis plants from Doing Company on August 4, 2023. The equipment will play a crucial role in meeting the heating energy demands of their brick factory.

We all know that oil and natural gas prices often rise in the current situation. And when the local gas supply in Uzbekistan was regulated, our client decided to look for alternative fuel energy for heating his brick factory. Making pyrolysis oil with pyrolysis plant from cheap waste materials such as waste tires and waste plastics provides an environmentally friendly and economical solution.

waste tire plastic pyrolysis oil plantTire plastic pyrolysis oil applications

Pyrolysis oil has a high calorific value, about 44.32MJ/kg, and can be used as an alternative fuel to provide heat for heavy industries such as brick factories, ceramic factories, glass factories, steel factories or heavy oil power plants. What he needs to do is to find a reliable pyrolysis plant manufacturer.

And he found that Henan Doing Company has excellent performance in terms of pyrolysis plant quality and technology, as well as the company's export and installation experience. So after negotiating the machine requirements with our sales manager, he paid to order 2 sets of 15TPD pyrolysis plants.

batch continuous pyrolysis plant for saleDOING batch continuous tire plastic pyrolysis plant for sale pictures

Doing Company continues to deliver high quality batch/continuous type waste tire plastic pyrolysis plants to meet the evolving needs of clients worldwide, further solidifying our reputation as a leading provider in the market. We are looking forward to getting more inquiries from all the customers and offering suitable pyrolysis plant solutions for you.

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