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15TPD Semi continuous plastic pyrolysis machine order from Sri Lanka

On September 21, 2023, we Henan Doing Company are pleased to receive the 15TPD Semi continuous plastic pyrolysis machine order from our respected client in Sri Lanka.

Compared to common batch type pyrolysis machine, the semi-continuous pyrolysis machine has higher efficiency and higher automation degree. This set of pyrolysis machine will be used for treating the municipal waste plastic in the city of our Sri Lankan client's cities.

Before placing the order, he made a comparison of various waste plastic recycling ways and found that plastic pyrolysis machine is the most effective one. On one hand, it can reduce the municipal waste plastic pollution. On the other hand, plastic pyrolysis machine can environmentally friendly recycle plastic scrap into fuel oil, carbon black, syn-gas, etc., creating high profits.

plastic pyrolysis machine for salePlastic pyrolysis machine by products applications

Then he decided to look for a reliable and professional pyrolysis machine manufacturer. With its excellent pyrolysis technology and rich experience in exporting and installing pyrolysis machines, Henan Doing Company has gained the trust and inquiries from our Sri Lankan client. Therefore, our sales manager conducted detailed communication with the client, customized a detailed plastic pyrolysis recycling scheme, and accompanied our client to visit our factory and pyrolysis machine. The client felt that Doing Company was indeed trustworthy, so he placed an order with us for 15TPD Semi continuous plastic pyrolysis machine.

pyrolysis machine manufacturerPyrolysis machine manufacturer DOING Company office and factory

If you're interested in related waste plastic or other municipal waste pyrolysis machines, please contact we Henan Doing Company for an inquiry!

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