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2 sets of 50TPD fully continuous tire pyrolysis plants delivered from DOING Manufacturer Factory

On July 4, 2023, two sets of 50TPD fully continuous tire pyrolysis plants were loaded at DOING manufacturer factory and sent to Liaoning Province, China. After the equipment arrives in Liaoning, our engineer will carry out the installation guidance services related to the two sets of 50TPD full continuous tire pyrolysis plants.

Today's oil prices continue to rise, and this Chinese customer is very optimistic about the development prospects and the considerable profits of tire pyrolysis. Due to the relatively strong economic strength, and considering the development trend of "automatic, intelligent, and environmental friendly", he directly considered purchasing the latest technology of fully continuous tire pyrolysis plant.

fully continuous tire pyrolysis plantFully continuous tire pyrolysis plant advantages

There are few manufacturers in China capable of producing fully continuous tire pyrolysis plant, and the reliable manufacturers usually have many years of research and development experience. After in-depth research and comparison, the customer focused on DOING Company. And under the arrangement of our business manager, the customer also visited the operation site of the fully continuous tire pyrolysis plant of our regular customer in Chongqing, China.

Henan Doing Company and the Chongqing customer started to cooperate with us in 2017, and the customer has purchased equipment from us many times. After personally inspecting the site, the customer in Liaoning, China was very satisfied with the technology, operation status and customer feedback of our fully continuous pyrolysis project. After checking the equipment list, they signed a contract with us on April 24, 2023 to purchase two sets of 50 tons/day full continuous tire pyrolysis plants.

fully continuous tire pyrolysis plant projectFully continuous tire pyrolysis plant installed in Chongqing,China

DOING fully continuous tire pyrolysis plant adopts PLC fully automatic management, without cooling and reheating, and can realize continuous operation for more than 40 days. On the one hand, our fully continuous pyrolysis plant adopts the material full sealing technology, which greatly improves the safety and environmental protection. On the other hand, it can achieve self-sufficiency in combustible gas, saving energy and reducing consumption.

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