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20TPD waste tyre to oil plant project was installed in Inner Mongolia, China
20TPD waste tyre to oil plant project was installed in Inner Mongolia, China
Coal Tar Solution
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tar oil solution
Coal tar
Coal tar is also called coal paste, coal distillate, tar oil solution. It is a kind of black or dark brown viscous liquid obtained during coal coking process. Its specific gravity is greater than that of water. It has certain solubility and special odor. It is flammable and corrosive. Coal tar is the crude gas produced by pyrolysis of coking industry coal. One of the products, its production accounted for about 3% to 4% of the coal loaded at room temperature and pressure under the product was a black viscous liquid. Tar is an important chemical product with complex components. It is mainly composed of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons such as naphthalene, anthracene and phenanthrene. Untreated tars are difficult to burn completely, carbon black particles are easily generated, and gas equipment is severely damaged. Tars easily condense into viscous liquids below 300 degrees Celsius, and are easily mixed with water and fly ash to block pipes and valves. Therefore, the choice of coal tar solution has an important position in the chemical industry.

The current coal tar solution

tar oil solution
Processed coal tar

At present, the domestic coal tar processing devices are generally more dispersed, smaller in scale, high in energy consumption and seriously polluting the environment, and have few product varieties. In particular, there are few high quality, high value-added products, poor quality, high production costs and poor economic efficiency. In the future,tar oil solution should be centralized and large-scale, increase the types of tar oil deep processing products, and improve the quality of deep-processed products.

Recommendation of new type coal tar processing plant

Our company has been engaged in the research and development of waste continuous pyrolysis plant, coal tar solutions, and technology for more than 30 years. We have developed multi-series and multi-series pyrolysis plant, and the fifth generation of loop-type pyrolysis equipment, using the energy ball technology independently developed by our company. Waste oils such as coal tar, sludge, industrial solid waste, and household waste are used to obtain fuel oil through thermal cracking. At the same time, slag is directly burned inside the equipment, energy is saved, and waste disposal is harmless, resource-reduced, reduced, and protected. Environment for the benefit of society
We mainly recommend the continuous
coal tar processing plant, which can achieve continuous processing of raw materials, so that "continuous feed every minute and second, automatic slag discharge at all times, continuous oil out day and night".

tar oil solution
New type coal tar processing plant
According to the continuous process, we recommend the use of "loop-type continuous automatic cracking system." This system belongs to our innovative system and mainly includes the following equipment: continuous feeder, continuous rotary pyrolysis reactor, continuous slag discharger, continuous heat exchanger, continuous dry gas recycler, continuous flue gas cleaning discharger and continuous automatic Dust collector and so on. The entire cracking equipment is a completely closed system with a relatively high degree of automation. No manual operation is required for feeding and slag. It is performed automatically by machinery. Therefore, this coal tar solution is safe, clean and environmentally friendly.

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