Oil Sludge Recycling and Reuse Solution

Oil sludge, it is sludge produced during the production process of oil fields due to crude oil extraction, storage, collection and transportation, processing, and processing of crude oil production fluids. It is knew because it contained by some certain components of crude oil or contain crude oil. There are mainly three types oil sludge: landing sludge, clear tank sludge, flotation scum and so on.

oil sludge solution
Oil sludge

The oil content in oil sludge is generally 10% to 50%, and the moisture content is 40% to 90%. In China's petrochemical industry, an average of 800,000 tons of tank bottom mud and bottom mud are generated each year. Shengli Oilfield produces more than 100,000 tons of oil sludge per year. Dagang Oilfield produces about 150,000 tons of oily sludge each year, and Henan Oilfield produces 5X104m3 of oily sludge every year. Oily sludge contains a large amount of odorous toxic substances such as benzene series, powders, onions, sorghum, etc. If it is not treated and discharged directly, it will not only occupy a large amount of cultivated land, but also affect soil, water and air will cause pollution. Sludge also contains a large number of pathogens, parasites (egg), copper, zinc, chromium, mercury, etc.
Heavy metals, salts, and toxic and hazardous substances that are difficult to degrade, such as polychlorinated biphenyls, dioxins, and radionuclide. Currently, sludge, it has been classified as hazardous waste by the country.

The current  oil sludge solution
With the continuous exploitation of petroleum resources, resources will become less and less, and the difficulty of mining will also increase. Therefore, various additives will increase during the oil production process. As a result, the types of components in sludge are more numerous, and the treatment processing will be change accordingly. Sludge treatment processes and solutions have different characteristics. Currently, the oil sludge solutions at home and abroad are: incineration method, biological treatment method, hot washing method, solvent extraction method, chemical emulsion breaking method, solid solution Separation method.
Although there are many oil sludge solutions available, they have not been promoted due to their lack of specificity and high processing cost. It is difficult to meet strict environmental protection requirements with only a single process and technology. Therefore, the joint utilization of multiple processes and methods is one of the development directions for the harmless treatment of sludge in the future. Due to the high cost of equipment and technology investment in comprehensive treatment, companies will turn to professional sludge treatment companies for disposal, and this will become a major trend in the future. This will also help in improvement of sludge treatment technology, and it will become mature industrialization. Therefore, in the actual application process, each unit must find the best oil sludge solution based on the nature and characteristics of the local sludge, and carry out targeted treatment with the appropriate treatment process, to achieve the optimization of resources, economy and environmental protection.

After years of research, the continuous oil sludge processing plant developed by our company is to heat the sludge to the pyrolysis temperature of the hydrocarbons under anaerobic conditions, and then recover the hydrocarbons and water through condensation. The process is thorough and the processing speed is fast. The hydrocarbons can be partially recycled and the agricultural soil indicators can be realized.

New type clean continuous oil sludge processing plant for oil sludge solution

oil sludge solution
Continuous oil sludge processing plant

1. The raw materials are directly loaded into the cracking reactor, heated by catalysis, and the oil vapor is distilled off. The oil and gas passes through the steam drum to release pressure and enter the condenser.
2. The liquefiable part is condensed into fuel oil, the non-liquefiable part is the synchronized gas through the safety device water seal, the gas system, a part of the flammable gas is burned into the combustion chamber to burn off, and the other part of the extra flammable gas is introduced. Exhaust gas combustion chamber burns or collects.
3. The dust generated during the entire combustion process are subjected to the desulphurization and dust removal system of soot to remove acid gas and dust, and discharged after reaching the national environmental protection standard. The pyrolysis vessel is cooled and discharged.

oil sludge solution
Continuous oil sludge processing plant

Thermal cracking treatment is a completely harmless oil sludge solution. It can dispose of waste oil-based mud and oil-based drill cuttings, refinery “three muds” (sedimentation tank sedimentation, dissolved gas flotation scum, residual activated sludge), heavy oil sludge, clear tank sludge, oil pit sludge Wait. Pyrolysis treatment technology solves the historical problems that have long puzzled the field of sludge disposal, and has been widely recognized in the petroleum field and industry.

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