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12T oil sludge treatment pyrolysis plant sent to Luoyang, China

2020-05-20 / In Asia / Leave Message / Chat Online

In May of 2020, Luoyang, China customer ordered one set 12T oil sludge treatment pyrolysis plant from DOING company. Now, this 12T oil sludge treatment pyrolysis plant has sent from DOING factory to Luoyang, China. The following is the picture of the delivery.

oil sludge pyrolysis plant12T oil sludge treatment pyrolysis plant was sent to Luoyang, China

Basic project information

Raw Material Oil Sludge
Capacity 12T
Main product Fuel oil
Destination Luoyang, China
Delivery Time 2020.05.21

Customer Visiting

This Luoyang customer visited DOING factory on May 14, 2020. When he saw the scale of DOING factory and more than ten sets of manufactured pyrolysis plant waiting for delivery, he was shocked. He said that he felt the strength of DOING company directly on the spot and did not have to worry about the company's reputation and after-sales service. At that time, he decided to order one set 12T oil sludge treatment pyrolysis plant directly.

Sign the Order

Then back at the headquarters of DOING, he discussed the order contract details with our project manager. We are very grateful to the customer for his honesty, and at the same time we have given the customer the greatest support in terms of equipment price, delivery time and engineer dispatch. This customer is one of our customers who clinch a deal quickly. It only took 8 days from the first telephone consultation to the final clinch a deal.

DOING Arrange Production

After the contract was signed, 12T oil sludge treatment pyrolysis plant was included in the plant's production schedule.

pyrolysis plantDOING factory

With the efforts of the manufacturing workers, we finished the production of 12T oil sludge treatment pyrolysis plant ahead of schedule. By the time of delivery, it was less than two weeks away from the customer's visit.

Advance Assignment of Engineer

Two days before the delivery, DOING company had sent installation engineers to the customer's factory to help the customer plan the site. The customer was very moved. At present, the 12T oil sludge treatment pyrolysis plant is being installed. The installation information of the later project will be updated in time. Please continue to pay attention.


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