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Where do old tires go?

2019-04-09 / Industry News / Leave Message / Chat Online

Most of the old tires are firstly collected by the garbage collection station, and then are sold to the waste tire processing factories.

What are the exact tire recycling plants?

Some of them are tire granulation factories, which breaks up the tire into small pieces and uses the tire scraps directly as fuel to power the cement factory, power factory, paper mill factory, and steel factory, etc. This kind of utilization is relatively simple and the cost is low, but it has an immeasurable impact on the environment.

tire disposal and recyclingWaste tire granulation

Secondly, the rubber powder manufacturing plant, the old tires are made into small particles through a series of processes. The small particles of the tires are applied to the manufacture of rubber products, but the investment cost of this project is relatively large, and the manufacturing process is more complicated.

Where do old tires goRubber products

Then, continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant, the continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant converts old tires into fuel oil, steel wire and carbon black through low temperature pyrolysis. This fuel oil can be used as an industrial fuel for factories, which require thermal heating, and it is a kind of clean energy for the industry. The carbon black is a good material for new tire and new rubber manufacturer, it can be also used in painting industry. The last product is steel wire, it can be used as material for steel factory. Apart from that, the fuel oil can also be refined by our distillation machine into diesel, which has a wider way of usage.

Where do old tires goFuel oil application

All in all, the continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant is easy for start-up, because the investment of this continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant is small, and the profit is considerable.

continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plantDOING continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Apart from that more and more experts from all over the world are encouraging the entrepreneurs to adopt this continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant to deal with the waste tires, and the more and more governments are giving more encouraging policy for this kind of business. More details, feel free to contact us.


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