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12T oil sludge treatment pyrolysis plant sent to Luoyang, China
12T oil sludge treatment pyrolysis plant sent to Luoyang, China

What products can be recycled into from waste tyres?

Tyres are consist of rubber and steel wire, which could be recycled to fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire as end products by pyrolysis process.

With the rapid development of the world automobile industry and transportation industry, the demand of various tyre is increasing. At present, billions of tyre is sold annually all over the world. For security, automobile should change tyres every 30,000-50,000 km. In this way, billions of waste tyres will be produced in one year. Waste tyre is a kind of non - fusible or refractory polymer elastomer material. It needs hundreds of years for the large molecules decompose to be no affect to normal growth of plant in the earth. It is called "black pollution".

waste tire to oilPiles of waste tyres

So we DOING company is committed to researching continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant to find professional and effective solutions. By waste tyre pyrolysis plant, the waste tyres is recycled by pyrolysis process into products that can be reused.

Due to the composition of the tyre, there are three main products recycled from waste tyres:

1.Fuel oil

2.Carbon black

3.Steel wire

products from waste tyresWaste tyre recycled to fuel oil by continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant

The main product recycled from waste tyres is fuel oil, for different tyres, you can get different percent fuel oil, usually for truck tyre, you can get about 45% fuel oil from tyres. This fuel oil could be used directly as a fuel, added to petroleum refinery stocks, upgraded using catalysts to a premium grade fuel or used as a chemical feedstock. The fuel oil is mainly used in heavy industries for heating purpose. Like steel factory, cement factory, brick factory and glass factory etc. Especially steel factory and cement factory.

recycled tyres productsFuel oil application

The second product recycled from waste tyres is carbon black, usually you can get about 30% - 35% carbon black from waste tyres. This carbon black has a calorific value comparable to high-grade coal and may therefore be used as fuel either in pulverized or briquetted form for heating purpose. Besides, if you refine carbon black into smaller meshes, you can use this carbon black in printing industry, cement factory, etc.

recycled car tyres productsCarbon black application

The last main product recycled from waste tyres is steel wire. This steel wire could be recycled by large steel mills, it is very easy to sell in market.

These three main product recycled from waste tyres could help you get profit at the same time to solve the “ black pollution”. If you are interest in this profitable and environment friendly continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant, welcome contact with us for detailed information!


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