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How to ensure the safe operation of fully continuous pyrolysis plant?

We are often asked by customers how to ensure the safe operation of fully continuous pyrolysis plant? In order to let more customers understand safe operation of fully continuous pyrolysis plant more clearly, now, we will have a detailed introduction for this question.

In general, we ensure the safe operation of fully continuous pyrolysis plant through special component designs and technology patents. Below I will expand in detail by combining the operation process of the fully continuous pyrolysis plant.

continuous pyrolysis plantDOING fully continuous pyrolysis plant


Our continuous feeding system of fully continuous pyrolysis plant adopts a special seal and anti-leakage structure, the feeding process is sealed with the raw material itself to avoid oxygen going inside the reactor and meanwhile prevent the oil gas leaking out, so both the feeding and pyrolysis process are operated with oxygen-free, it is 100% safe. We have got patent for this special seal and anti-leakage structure.

fully continuous pyrolysis plantSpecial seal and anti-leakage structure


After feeding, the raw material will reach our continuous rotating pyrolysis system. Inside the pyrolysis reactor, there are spiral plates used to convey the raw material with the rotating of the reactor. The raw material is uniformly distributed on the reactor inner surface, so that the heat transfer is quick and evenly. The pyrolysis efficiency is greatly improved, the raw material can finish the pyrolysis process before going out of this continuous pyrolysis system.

continuous pyrolysis plantRotating and heating of the reactor


After pyrolysis, the oil gas will flow into our continuous cooling system to cooling down into oil liquid, and the carbon black will be discharged through our continuous slagging system. Our oil gas cooling system is composed of 4 big horizontal shell and tube condenser and 2 vertical cooling tower, than plus the first link of the oil-water separator, which can also have the effect of cooling oil gas.Together they can make up our three-stage cooling system which has very big heat exchanging area and can efficiently cooling down all of the oil gas, meanwhile the cooling is inside the sealed condenser, no water steam produced, very clean and environmental friendly.

pyrolysis plantThree-stage cooling system


Similar to continuous feeding system, our continuous carbon black slagging system also adopts patented seal and anti-leakage structure, something like structure of funnel, to well ensure the machine safety during the carbon black discharging. Moreover, the oil gas outlet of DOING continuous pyrolysis system has a scraper design to collect carbon black to the carbon black discharge port to prevent clogging oil gas outlet to ensure safe and continuous operation of the pyrolysis plant.

Besides, DOING carbon black slagging system is composed of 3-stage slagging auger with water cooling cover, so that the carbon black can be quickly cooling down to realize the continuous discharging.

continuous pyrolysis plantCarbon black slagging system

Tail gas recycling

Finally it is our continuous tail gas recycling system, the uncondensable tail gas will be firstly purified with this smell removal system to remove the pollutants, and then the clean one will be burnt as the pyrolysis reactor heating energy.

This is a flue gas treatment system. The flue gas is discharged into the desulfurization tower through these pipes for desulfurization and dust removal to meet air emission standards. These flue gas discharge pipes are made of stainless steel, which plays a role in corrosion protection.

fully continuous pyrolysis plantContinuous tail gas recycling system

This is the general working process of the fully continuous pyrolysis plant. That is through these special component designs and technology patents to ensure the safe operation of fully continuous pyrolysis plant. At the same time, it also ensures the efficiency and environmental protection of the fully continuous pyrolysis plant.

Through the above introduction, you will have a more comprehensive understanding of the safe operation of fully continuous pyrolysis plant. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.


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