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What are the various uses of diesel from waste oil distillation plant?

DOING revolutionary distillation technology-Waste Oil Distillation Plant can properly treat a variety of waste engine oil, old car oil, waste tyre/plastic pyrolysis oil, etc., and turn them into diesel and asphalt products. The diesel output of our waste oil distillation machine is about 80-85%. As the main product, the obtained diesel from waste oil distillation plant has wide uses and bring considerable economic benefits.

The diesel from waste oil distillation plant has high purity, few impurities, bright color and good quality, which can be used in a variety of diesel equipment, is an excellent heating fuel. It can be widely used for industrial electricity generator, heavy machinery, tractors, trucks, agricultural vehicles, ships, boilers, etc.

diesel applicationThe diesel application

And according to the feedback DOING got from our waste oil distillation plant customer that he can put the diesel got from our waste oil distillation plant in his diesel car directly and the car already run more than 1000km without any problems.

Besides the diesel, we can also obtain includes about10% asphalt and 5% excess gas from waste oil distillation plant. The excess gas will recycle to furnace as the auxiliary heating fuel, which can save the operation cost of waste oil distillation plant. And the asphalt can be used for paving or directly sold to the asphalt refinery plant.

distillation plantThe 3Dpicture of waste oil distillation plant

All in all, producing diesel from waste oil distillation plant can not only alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand caused by the shortage of oil resources and the growth of demand, but also bring considerable economic and social benefits. Therefore, the recycling method of converting waste oil into diesel oil, with the advantages of non-pollution, resource utilization and high profit, has been favored by many investors and national governments.

DOING waste oil distillation plant is the most advanced technology in the waste oil recycling industry and suitable for large-scale industrial production. And it has been widely and highly appraised by our customers at home and abroad. Oil color also can be lighter or darker according to customer's requirement.

If you are interested in our waste oil distillation plant, please kindly leave your detailed inquiries, we warmly welcome you!

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