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How much does a tire shredding machine cost?

Tire shredding machine can be either finished by one single machine or through a production line composed of different tire cutting machines, so the tire shredding cost will vary a lot, which mainly depends on the way of tire cutting and the size of waste tires. How much a tire shredding machine can be few thousands of dollars or more than 100K dollars.


1. Tire cutting way will influence tire shredding machine cost


To dismantle and cut the waste tire step by step will be less costly compared with one-time tire shredding. In this way, the whole process is composed of 3 kinds of different tire cutters, and they are waste tire ring cutter, tire strip cutter as well as tire block cutter. The cost of each cutter is around USD6000, then you can have an opinion of the total cost.

tire cutting machineTire cutting machine

2. Waste tire size will influence tire shredding machine cost


Since waste tires have different sizes, for example, car tire size is about 500mm, SUV tire is about 800mm, truck tire is about 1100-1200mm and OTR tire is about 1400 to 4000mm, so the tire shredder also has different model&capacities in order to shred those tires mentioned above. For car tires shredding, you can use a 900 tires shredding machine with a cost around USD40000, and for truck tire, that will be a 1200 whole tire shredding machine with its cost around USD70000.


And you can see the bigger the size of waste tires, the higher the tire shredding machines cost. For big engineering tires, you will have to do the tire dismantling and cutting first so that it can be fed into the tire shredding machine. So it needs a tire shredding production line to shred big scale tires. For now, the maximum tire shredder DOING can supply is for 1.8m tires and its cost is around USD200000.

Tire shredding production lineTire shredding machine production line

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