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Is it necessary to buy a tire shredder for fully automatic continuous pyrolysis plant?

Yes, it is necessary to buy a tire shredder because the feeding condition of waste tire should be steel-free rubber granules for a fully automatic continuous pyrolysis plant, which means waste tire needs to be shredded and treated in order to meet the feeding requirements.

pyrolysis plantThe process of waste tyres to oil

Tyre shredder is one of the machines that are involved in the waste tire recycling rubber granule production line. Waste tire recycling to rubber granule is a process of waste tire dismantling, shredding, rubber cracking as well as steel wire separating.

The following is a brief introduction of a more automatic waste tire to rubber granule production line.

① Waste tire dismantling

If the raw material for fully automatic continuous pyrolysis plant is car tires, car tyre can be shredded directly, then you can skip the step. If the raw material is truck tires, then you can adopt the automatic solution that can integrate tyre de-beading and cut-off in one, and it is also named automatic tire ring cutter.

automatic tire ring cutterThe automatic tire ring cutter picture

② Tyre shredding

Then we can shred the dismantled tires into 5CMX5CM rubber crumbs.

Based on the feeding size of the tyre, DOING Company has different models of tire shredders, and they are respectively ZPS 900, ZPS 1000 and ZPS 1200. Our tire shredders can be widely applied for crushing sidewall steel-removed truck tire, car tire, inner tube, rubber shoes and other used rubber products and benefits the waste recycling industry.

tyre shrederTyre shreder machine

③ Rubber cracking

The rubber cracking machine is used for grinding 5cmx5cm rubber crumbs into 10-20M rubber granules and completely separating the steel out of the rubber granules.

So we can see tire shredder is a very important device in the tyre recycling to rubber granule process. If you are going to purchase a fully automatic continuous pyrolysis plant to recycle waste tires, it is better to take the tire shredder and other tire treating devices as well.

For the detailed specifications of our tire shredder or fully automatic continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant, please do not hesitate to send your enquiry.



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