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What are the final products of continuous pyrolysis plant? What are the applications of them?

We are often asked by clients who are just beginning to learn about the pyrolysis project what are the final products of continuous pyrolysis plant? What are the applications of them? In order to help more customers understand the final products and their applications of pyrolysis projects, DOING company has sorted out the following contents.

continuous pyrolysis plantDOING continuo us pyrolysis plant

Final products of continuous pyrolysis plant

The final products of continuous pyrolysis plant are mainly pyrolysis fuel oil and carbon black. They mainly obtained from waste tyres and waste plastics. Different raw materials, the final products of continuous pyrolysis plant will be different.  Look, the following pictures are the waste plastics that are suitable for our continuous pyrolysis plant. 

continuous pyrolysis plantWaste plastics suitable for continuous pyrolysis plant

Of course, different raw material produce different proportions of fuel oil and carbon black. For tires, the oil yield usually is 38%-45% and for plastic, different plastic has different oil yield. For Pure pp,ps, pe, the oil yield can be over 90%,but for mixed common plastic, the oil yield is usually from 30% to 50%,for paper mile, the oil yield is 30% for wet paper mile, 60% for dry paper mile. 

Applicationss of fuel oil

The pyrolysis fuel oil is the main final product from continuous pyrolysis plant which can be further processed to diesel, or you can sell it directly. Pyrolysis oil a good fuel with over 10000 kcal/kg, and can be used as fuel in cement factory, glass factory, heavy oil generator and boiler factory ,etc.

continuous pyrolysis plantUses of pyrolysis fuel oil

Applicationss of carbon black

Carbon black is the second main product after pyrolysis. It also has a high-calorie and can replace coal as the heating energy. The following is the sample of carbon black. It can be refining for making new tires, shoe soles and paint, etc.

pyrolysis plantUses of carbon black

Besides, from waste tyre pyrolysis, you can also get the steel wire, which can be sold directly to a steel smelter for about US$300 per ton. If the raw material of continuous pyrolysis plant is oil sludge or something containing oil, their main product is also oil, and the specific product data depends on the raw material.

By comparing the raw material with the products and the applications of the products, we can imagine that this is a highly profitable project. If you are interested in this project, please feel free to contact us directly.


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