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20TPD waste tyre to oil plant project was installed in Inner Mongolia, China

2021-02-27 / In Asia / Leave Message / Chat Online

On July 26, 2019, 20TPD waste tyre to oil plant project was successfully installed in Inner Mongolia, China. This waste tyre to oil plant project belongs to Mr. Tang and Mr. Wei, who are engage in refining waste engine oil into diesel. They knows the market of all kind of oil very well. They have heard about this waste tyre to oil recycling business long time ago. Some friends of them have bought equipment from other suppliers, but their machine does not meet the national emission standards, which cause the operation not as good as they expected.

tyre to oil plant20TPD waste tyre to oil plant project in Inner Mongolia

In December 2018, Mr. Tang and Mr. Wei came to DOING’s factory to inspect the waste tyre to oil plant. In response to their concerns about that emissions cannot meet national standards, we have proposed solutions from two perspectives. The first is the smoke removal device, we use the desulfurization technology to handle this matter, which not only can effectively remove the dust, but also remove most of the sulfur dioxide in the smoke, we can guarantee the emission from our machine is within the national emission standards. The second is our smell removal device, it is our company's patented product, mainly to solve the odor problem after combustion of syn-gas. These two kinds of environmentally friendly design all adopted in the manufacturing process of our latest generation waste tyre to oil plant. The customer was very satisfied with this solution and canceled the plan to visit other manufacturers and signed two sets of 10t/day waste tyre to oil plant directly with us at the office. Within 30 days, DOING factory completed the design, manufacture and delivery of two sets equipment of waste tyre to oil plant.

tyre to oil project Two sets of 10t/day waste tyre to oil plant on delivery to Inner Mongolia

As soon as the equipment arrived at the customer's factory, we send engineers to the site to guide the installation. After nearly 2 months, the installation of two sets 10T/day waste tyre to oil plant was finished and 20 ton waste tyres can be processed.

waste tyre to oil plantWaste tyre to oil plant project installation site

Next, our manager will teach the workers product knowledge and training operators of the customer's factory. I will update customer feedback in a timely manner, please stay tuned to us.

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