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What is the continuous pyrolysis process of fully automatic tyre pyrolysis plant?

Fully automatic tyre pyrolysis plant can recycle waste tyres into fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire. At present, it is a good way to deal with the increasing pollution of waste tyres. In order to let more people know better about this machine, I will show how this machine run, and what’s the continuous pyrolysis process of fully automatic tyre pyrolysis plant?

fully automatic tyre pyrolysis plantFully automatic tyre pyrolysis plant

Raw material pretreatment

Because fully automatic tyre pyrolysis plant can continuous feeding, so it has relatively high requirements for raw materials, such as the steel wire in the waste tyres needs to be extracted first; waste tyres need to be shredded into very fine rubber powder which is about 5-10 mesh rubber powder. As a manufacturer with 10 years of experience, DOING also provide steel wire drawing machine and tyre shredder, which can be purchased directly by customers.

tyre pyrolysis plant Tyre shredder to pretreat waste tyres


After shredded, the tyre rubber powder can be feed into the pyrolysis reactor by conveyor belt. The reactor will rotate at a constant speed when feeding. The scraper inside the pyrolysis reactor will continuously transport the tyre rubber powders to the outlet. The continuous feeding process is sealed and will not pollute the environment.

automatic tyre pyrolysis plantContinuous feeding of fully automatic tyre pyrolysis plant

Heating and pyrolysis

The constant rotation of pyrolysis reactor will also make the rubber powder evenly distributed on the inner surface of the reactor and heat evenly. So that tyre rubber powders can be fully continuous pyrolyzed before reaching the outlet.

fully automatic tyre pyrolysis plantHeating the reactor and pyrolysis oil gas


Tyre rubber powders will be continuously pyrolyzed into oil gas and carbon black before it arrive the outlet. Then oil gas will flow into the condensing system and be cooled down to liquid oil, temporarily stored in the oil tank. DOING fully automatic tyre pyrolysis plant adopts the most professional tube condensing system which have a higher oil yield than other equipment.

tyre pyrolysis plantTube condensing system for fully automatic tyre pyrolysis plant


When the pyrolysis reaction occurs, carbon black and oil gas will be produced. The oil gas will enter the cooling system for cooling, and the carbon black was discharged by a carbon black screw conveyor. Then through the carbon black press ball machine, carbon black can be pressed into the ball for other heating uses.

fully automatic tyre pyrolysis plantCarbon black screw conveyor

Advantages of fully automatic tyre pyrolysis plant

If have enough raw materials, the fully automatic tyre pyrolysis plant can realize 24 hours of continuous feeding, continuous discharging and continuous operation for 30 days. The feeding to the slag discharge process is fully automatic by PLC control system, the whole operation can realize full automation and intelligence, saving labor and reducing manual errors.

If you have a large number of waste tyres to deal with, or are interested in fully automatic tyre pyrolysis plant, you can contact us directly to discuss the project details.


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