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Two sets 12T/D waste tire to oil recycling machine installed in Sichuan, China
Two sets 12T/D waste tire to oil recycling machine installed in Sichuan, China

Can you recycle tires for cash?

Are you looking for a new project with better profit? or hesitating to expand the business by adding into new product? Then waste tires recycling fuel oil is highly recommend. It is a project to recycle tires for cash. Maybe you are wondering to know how you could recycle tires for cash, because in your daily life what you see is waste tires are piled up into a mountain and they are useless, even have a bad impact on the environment. I will explain more in the following article.

recycle tires for cashTires discarded

Firstly let’s see what we can get from recycling tires, then you will know how you can recycle tires for cash. There are 4 end products from waste tire recycling fuel oil process, fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire and syngas.

Fuel Oil (40% to 45%)

The tire fuel oil is widely used as industrial and commercial purpose. It is a good coal and diesel substitute which can sold directly to cement factory, steel factory, glass factory, etc.

Carbon Black Powder (30% to 35%)

The second product for you to recycle tires for cash is tyre carbon black. The quantity of carbon black is about 30% to 35% according to tyre quality. It can be used as a chemical strengthener in rubber and coloring agent in pigment industries, can be also used as fly ash for making cement bricks.

Steel Wire Scrap (10% to 15%)

The third product for you to get cash is steel wire, the quantity of steel wire is about 10% to 15% according to tyre quality. It can be sold to the iron and steel company directly.

Syngas (About 10%)

The syngas can be recycled as the auxiliary heating energy of the tires recycling pyrolysis machine.

car tire recyclingWaste tire recycling to oil

Waste tires recycling to oil is a very hot and highly profitable green project, if you want to recycle tires for cash, please do not hesitate to send us your inquiry.

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