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Which brand of pyrolysis plant has good quality?

Henan DOING Company, as a professional manufacturer and supplier of pyrolysis plant, has more than 13 years of rich production and export experience. Over the past 13 years, DOING has developed good quality pyrolysis plants, combined with market survey and customer feedback, which has been exported to more than 90 countries around the world.

The following are some advantages of DOING brand pyrolysis plants:

1. Pyrolysis plant reactor designs

Our pyrolysis plant reactor is made of boiler steel plate, which can not only withstand high temperatures but also prevent deformation. What’s more, the head of the DOING brand pyrolysis plant reactor is an arc-shaped design with one-piece welding, which can buffer pressure and withstand high pressure.

Unique designs of DOING brand pyrolysis plant reactorUnique designs of DOING brand pyrolysis plant reactor

The design of DOING brand pyrolysis plant reactor is not only good for the efficiency of the pyrolysis plant, but also good for the safety of the pyrolysis plant.

2. High environmental protection

DOING brand pyrolysis plants are equipped with some environmental protection systems: first, the purified smoke can meet the emission standards in various countries, second, during the working process, there won't produce additional pollution.

1) Waste gas pollution and emission control systems

The equipped tail-gas cleaning system and smell removal system can fully purify the produced waste gas, meeting emission standards in different countries.

Environmental protection systems of DOING brand pyrolysis plantEnvironmental protection systems of DOING brand pyrolysis plant

2) Waste water/dust pollution control system

Our cooling system and circulating water pool both adopt the circulating water, which won't produce waste water pollution; the carbon black wind transfer system transports carbon black to the deep processing zone along the closed pipeline by the action of the draft fan, which won't produce waste dust pollution during the whole process.

3. High safety

DOING brand pyrolysis plants are equipped with safety devices, which can avoid safety accidents while enhancing working efficiency: water seal and oil-water separator devices can avoid the smoke the tail gas backflow; vacuum device can fully extract the oil gas in the reactor to avoid flash explosion to ensure the safety of workers.

Safety devices of DOING brand pyrolysis plantsSafety devices of DOING brand pyrolysis plants

4. Different types and capacities to choose

DOING brand pyrolysis plants have three types: batch type, semi-continuous type and fully continuous type, which all have various capacities for your reference. Take the fully continuous pyrolysis plant as an example, we have the processing capacities from 15TPD, 20TPD to 50+TPD. So you can select the pyrolysis plant with the suitable type and capacity based on your actual demands.

Three types of DOING brand pyrolysis plantThree types of DOING brand pyrolysis plant

DOING brand pyrolysis plants hot sale in India, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, America, Malaysia, Colombia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries. So if you are interested in purchasing a good quality pyrolysis plant, DOING brand pyrolysis plant will be your best choice. Just feel free to contact us, our sales manager will share more information with you.

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