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Two sets of 10TPD semi-continuous oil sludge pyrolysis machines were delivered to Malaysia

Good news! After about half a year's manufacturing and inspection, finally on January 25, 2024, two sets of 10TPD semi-continuous oil sludge pyrolysis machines were successfully delivered to Malaysia. Shipped with the oil sludge pyrolysis machines were some optional configurations, such as Pyrolysis reactor air cooling system, Negative pressure vacuum device and some environmental protection systems.

Delivery pictures of DOING oil sludge pyrolysis machines to MalaysiaDelivery pictures of DOING oil sludge pyrolysis machines to Malaysia

This project is invested by a famous enterprise in Malaysia to dispose of oil sludge, which attached great importance to the overall strength and serviceability of the cooperated company. After comparing several companies, the Malaysian customer chose DOING.

1. Strong overall strength

DOING has been committed to researching and manufacturing oil sludge pyrolysis machines for over 13 years, and we also have a professional research and development engineer team to enhance the work performance of our oil sludge pyrolysis machines. Additionally, our oil sludge pyrolysis machines have cooperated with many customers and helped them successfully set up the projects, so we have abundant experience and ability to customize detailed schemes based on the actual situation of our customers.

DOING professional engineer teamDOING professional engineer team

2. Comprehensive services

Apart from professional research and development teams, DOING also has a professional service team. From factory visit, equipment placement site plan to equipment manufacturing communication to equipment installation and operation guidance, DOING can provide comprehensive services for our customers.

And to enhance the work performance of the oil sludge pyrolysis machine, the Malaysian customer also ordered other optional configurations, such as the pyrolysis reactor air cooling system(to shorten the cooling time and enhance work efficiency), negative pressure vacuum device(to fully extract remained oil gas in reactor to enhance safety), some environmental protection systems to meet exhaust gas emission standards and avoid other pollution(tail gas cleaning system, desulfurization tower and carbon black wind transfer system), etc.

Environmental protection systems of DOING pyrolysis machinesEnvironmental protection systems of DOING pyrolysis machines

About one month later, these two sets of 10TPD semi-continuous oil sludge pyrolysis machines will arrive in Malaysia, then our engineer will provide professional guidance and training via video or on site.

Apart from oil sludge, DOING pyrolysis machines can also recycle other solid waste, such as waste rubber, waste tires, waste plastics, e-waste, etc. So if you also want to invest in pyrolysis machine projects, just leave a message or send your material picture to us, our sales manager will help you customize a detailed scheme.

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