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Two sets of 12T/D scrap tyre pyrolysis equipment project established in Vietnam

2019-05-10 / In Asia / Leave Message / Chat Online

Now, the installation of two sets 12T/D scrap tyre pyrolysis equipments is coming to an end being installed in Vietnam. Everything goes smoothly.

tyre pyrolysis equipmentScrap tyre pyrolysis equipments being installed in Vietnam

The two sets 12T/D scrap tyre pyrolysis equipments project is invested by a customer from Guangxi, China. He has business in Vietnam, and is familiar with the local market, where the tyre oil has a good price. But local scrap tyre pyrolysis equipment is very environmentally friendly, and has many problems when operated, so he come to China to look for high quality scrap tyre pyrolysis equipment.

pyrolysis equipment in vietnamWorkers busy with installation of the scrap tyre pyrolysis equipments

At his first visit to our DOING, the customer isn't really clear about the scrap tyre pyrolysis equipment and the industry, we talked about the machine details for a long time, showing him the video and then took him to our factory to see the scrap tyre pyrolysis equipment running in person. He is excited about running machine and told us he has a comprehensive understanding after this visit.

scrap tyre pyrolysis equipmentPyrolysis reactor being installed

Then he went back to Vietnam and investigated waste tires price and sales of tire oil. The tire oil is widely used in local and very profitable. Few days later, he contacted us again and signed a order contract of two sets 12T/D scrap tyre pyrolysis equipments. Soon we delivered the machines to Vietnam.

tyre pyrolysis projectTwo sets 12T/D scrap tyre pyrolysis equipments project in Vietnam

At the end of March, our professional technician was sent to Vietnam to conduct the whole installation, commissioning and operation training. Besides, to make sure the customer could operate the scrap tyre pyrolysis equipment well after our technician leave, we provide Operation Manual and 24-hour after-sales service. The installation of the two sets 12T/D scrap tyre pyrolysis equipments is still in progress, and the customer is satisfied with our technician.

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