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10T waste oil distillation plant will be delivery to Tijuana, Mexico

crude oil distillation plant
Crude oil distillation plant success fuelly installed
On December 21, 2017, 10 tons of crude oil distillation plant  was successfully installed and operated in Tijuana, Mexico.Crude oil distillation plant can refine waste motor oil/tire oil / plastic oil into diesel.

The diesel from this crude oil distillation plant  can be used directly in boilers, heavy diesel engines such as tractors, trucks and ships.With the gradual rise of oil prices in the market, waste oil distillation plant is welcomed by the market.

oil distillation plant
                       10 ton crude oil distillation plant  was successfully installed in Tijuana, Mexico
diesel fuel
crude oil distillation plant
Diesel from the running crude oil distillation plant

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Welcome come and visit our factory.10T crude oil distillation plant  will be delivery to Tijuana, Mexico

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