The uses of carbon black from tyre pyrolysis

We all know that pyrolysis is one method to handle the black pollution---scrap tires. After pyrolysis, you can generally get tire oil, steel wire, and carbon black. Tire oil can be used as industry fuel or produce diesel after further distillation, while the steel wire can be sold to the market directly or sent to the steel refinery. But few people know what the carbon black can be used for. Next you will have a clear understanding about it.

carbon black from tyre pyrolysisDOING tyre pyrolysis machine for recycling waste tire

The uses of carbon black from tyre pyrolysis:

1. As an important reinforcing agent and filler for rubber products. The biggest highlight of this reinforcing filler is that it has the effect of improving the mechanical properties of rubber. For various types of tyres, it is used in the innerliners, carcasses, sidewalls and treads. Carbon black is also used in many molded and extruded industrial rubber products, such as belts, hoses, gaskets, diaphragms, vibration isolation devices, bushings, air springs, chassis bumpers, multiple types of pads, boots, wiper blades, fascia, conveyor wheels, and grommets.

carbon black from tyre pyrolysisCarbon black used in rubber to improve the mechanical properties

2. Shields from UV rays and prevents plastic aging. Because carbon black has high light absorption, it can effectively prevent photooxidative degradation of plastics when exposed to sunlight. The test proves that when the concentration of carbon black with a certain fineness is 2%, a perfect ultraviolet shielding effect can be achieved. Due to this protective feature it is widely used for conductive packaging, films, fibers, moldings, pipes and semi-conductive cable compounds in products such as refuse sacks, industrial bags, photographic containers, agriculture mulch film, stretch wrap, and thermoplastic molding applications for automotive, electrical / electronics, household appliances and blow-molded containers.

carbon black from tyre pyrolysisThe products using carbon black fro uv protection

3. It is an important pigment for printing inks and paints. It is also often used for color matching of plastic products. Carbon blacks, as high performance coatings provide pigmentation for a number of coating applications including automotive (primer basecoats and clearcoats), marine, aerospace, decorative, wood, and industrial coatings.

carbon black from tyre pyrolysisfor printing inks and paints

4. Carbon black has excellent electrical conductivity and can make originally insulating polymers such as plastics conductive. Applications include electronic packaging, security applications, and automotive parts.

Not only that, adding carbon black to rubber and plastic products can also save a lot of money:

(1) By adding carbon black, the amount of rubber (and cost) can be reduced, but the same mechanical properties can be obtained:

(2) By adding carbon black, the functional characteristics of products such as tires can be improved, such as abrasion resistance, thereby extending the life of the products.

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