Only continuous tyre pyrolysis units be allowed in India?

A new reform on the tyre pyrolysis industry will be carried out in India. The related official paper on tyre pyrolysis units is as follows:

tyre pyrolysis unit in indiaCompliance Status and Remedial Measures in India

As you can see, only continuous tyre pyrolysis units be allowed soon and the feed to the pyrolysis reactor should be devoid of steel. After removal of steel wire the tyre can be put either in the form of crumbs or chips (which can be made simply by cutting without going for the shredding process). Further the feeding arrangement of the rubber crumb to the reactor should be mechanized.

Then what's the reason for this policy?

Pyrolysis is a thermal degradation process carried out in the absence of oxygen/ air so that combustion of material does not take place. Pyrolysis of tyres and rubber products produce low-grade oils, pyrolysis gas (pyro-gas], carbon-black-char and steel. Technologies are available to produce high quality oils comparable viscosity and calorific values comparable with diesel and gasoline type fuels.

tyre pyrolysis processThe oil producing process of tyre pyrolysis unit

Environmental and safety concerns in these batch tyre pyrolysis plants arise due to fire hazards, emission of fine carbon particles and odor nuisance and need for flaring of excess pyro gas. Most of the tyre pyrolysis units in the country are batch processes producing primarily oils for use as fuel oil in industrial furnaces. The pyro-gas generated from tyre pyrolysis process is used as fuel in the pyrolysis process. In these plants the full tyres are fed to the pyrolysis reactor manually and at the end of the process the steel wire and carbon are taken out manually. This leads to lot of carbon spillage, exposure of workers to fine carbon particles and working in the unconducive environment in the pyrolysis reactor. Since the batch tyre pyrolysis unit is not completely closed, the odor problem is prevalent throughout the plant.

Compared with batch tyre pyrolysis unit, continuous waste tyre pyrolysis unit overcome these shortcomings perfectly. DOING latest continuous waste tyre pyrolysis unit adopts unique sealing design of both feeding and slagging system for safety guarantee and environment production, avoiding the harm of carbon leakage to workers. The feed is shredded tires, complying with requirements. As for more advantages of continuous waste tyre pyrolysis unit, recommend you to read this article: What is the difference of batch and continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant?

continuous tyre pyrolysis unitDOING continuous waste tyre pyrolysis unit

With the increasingly stringent requirements of the tyre pyrolysis industry in the world, continuous waste tyre pyrolysis unit is becoming a new trend with its unique advantages. Welcome contact us, DOING will provide you with the most suitable solution.

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