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20TPD waste tyre to oil plant project was installed in Inner Mongolia, China
20TPD waste tyre to oil plant project was installed in Inner Mongolia, China

High profit business- recycling tire to fuel oil

With countless scrap tires need to be replaced from the cars every year, it is urgent to find ways process these plenty of scrap tires. Well, how to handle the scrap tires and get high profit at the same time? We DOING company proposes the method of pyrolysis to recycle scrap tires into fuel oil.

tire recycling business profitTire recycling to oil business

Since so many scrap tires are abandoned everywhere, it is very easy to collect scrap tires, some governments even give some subsidies to companies collecting scrap tires. So the cost for collecting scrape tires is lucrative or cheap. After you getting scrap tires, then you can use our pyrolysis machine to recycle it and make profit.

tire recycling businessPyrolysis machine recycling tire to fuel oil

Due to different processing capacity of pyrolysis machine, one day you can process 10T - 100T scrap tires, and get fuel oil, steel wire and carbon black as end products. As we all know, fuel oil in widely use as heating raw matreial in boilers, heavy industries.

tire to fuel oilTire oil from pyrolysis machine

Take 10T tire pyrolysis machine as an example, you can get about 4.5 T fuel oil, 3.5 T carbon black and 1.5 T steel wire from every 10 T waste tires. In Chinese market, it costs 440 USD for one ton fuel oil; for carbon black, it can be sold as heating raw material in price of 50 USD for one ton; and for steel wire, the market price is about 170 USD per ton. General to say, you could get about 2300 USD profit from 10T scrap tires every day.

The tire recycling business is booming because of high profit recovery. If you are also interest in working on a tire recycling business, just feel free to contact with us to get your unique analysis profit for tire recycling business.

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