What type of diesel do you get from recycled tires?

Heavy diesel oil can be extracted from waste tires. Heavy diesel is a kind of diesel oil, which is widely used in heavy machinery, vehicles, ships and generators.

uses of diesel oilThe heavy diesel oil application get from recycled tires

To get this diesel oil from recycled tires, two kinds of machines are necessary, waste tire pyrolysis plant and tire oil distillation plant.

waste tyre to diesel plantThe production line for recycling waste tire to diesel oil

Firstly, get tire oil from recycled tires by waste tire pyrolysis plant. Under conditions of no oxygen and high temperature, waste tires can be converted into tire oil because of its components. The main components of tire is as following:

Components of tire Percentage
Carbon black 28%
Csynthetic rubber 27%
Natural rubber 14%
Petroleum 10%
Steel wire 10%
Other petroleum products 4%
Fiber and other ingredients 4%

So, in the final, four products can be produced, tire oil, carbon black, steel wire and uncondensable gas, among which the tire oil has the largest percentage, 45 - 50 percent. The tire oil is black-brown, can be directly used as fuel in steel mills and cement plants. , brick factory, etc.

tyre pyrolysis oil usesThe products get from recycled tires by the use of waste tire pyrolysis plant

After getting tire oil, you can get heavy diesel oil from fuel oil by tire oil distillation plant. The tire oil distillation plant can convert tire oil to light oil gas by the anaerobic cracking technology, and then cool the oil gas to obtain the heavy diesel oil. Finally, the heavy diesel oil is further purified by the action of the catalyst to obtain the final heavy diesel oil which has light yellow color and more extensive uses in the industries. For this heavy diesel, we perform parameters testing through an authoritative testing agency. One of our Indian customer put the heavy diesel oil in his car and it runs fine.

tire oil distillation plantFeedback from an Indian customer about the heavy diesel oil

This is some basic information about heavy diesel get from recycled tires. If you want to know more about the heavy diesel, welcome to contact us and discuss further about it.

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