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What's the best method for tank bottom sludge treatment?

Oil sludge refers to a mixture of oil, water and solids, and tank bottom sludge is a kind of oil sludge. The common oil sludge treatment methods include pyrolysis, water washing, biological treatment, solidification treatment, incineration, etc. Among them, which of these oil sludge treatment methods is the best?

The answer is pyrolysis, because pyrolysis technology for oily sludge treatment can realize the environment and lower cost disposal of solids and recover as much oil as possible. Doing Company can provide complete sets of oil sludge treatment equipment pyrolysis plants to treat the sludge and recover the oil.

oil sludge treatment equipmentDOING oil sludge treatment equipment

If your tank bottom sludge is high oil content, for example more than 40% oil, then you could choose stainless steel material reactor semi-continuous pyrolysis plant, which is more efficient.

If your tank bottom sludge is low oil content, then you could consider a normal reactor plate batch pyrolysis plant.

Both semi-continuous and batch-type pyrolysis plants can extract oil out from your tank bottom sludge, and the process is roughly the same. The following will introduce the DOING oil sludge pyrolysis process:

1. Feeding

Put the oil sludge into the hydraulic feeder, and the hydraulic feeder pushes the oil sludge into the pyrolysis furnace;

2. Heating

Heating the oil sludge in the pyrolysis furnace, after a period of time, oil and gas will be produced;

3. Condensation

The oil gas is condensed into oil through the cooling system;

oil sludge pyrolysis processThe pyrolysis process of oil sludge

4. Exhaust gas recovery and utilization

In the process of heating and pyrolysis, in addition to producing oil-gas, there will also be some combustible but non-condensable gas, which will be fully burned by the combustion machine at the bottom of the cracking furnace, and can also save fuel;

5. Smoke treatment

The smoke generated by combustion enters the environmental protection purification device, to ensure that the smoke discharge meets the environmental standard;

6. Discharging slag

The waste residue is automatically discharged through a fully sealed slag discharge device and then directly packed into bags. There is no dust pollution throughout the process.

oil sludge pyrolysis plantDOING oil sludge pyrolysis plant

DOING oil sludge pyrolysis plant can not only be used to treat tank bottom sludge, but also can be used to treat crude oil sludge, aste drilling mud, sediments, etc. If you are searching for oil sludge treatment equipment, you can contact us at any time. We're a top pyrolysis plant manufacturer in China, and we have cooperated with many customers from 90+ countries.

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