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How to get detailed cost of thermal decomposition unit(TDU)?

Thermal decomposition unit(TDU) also called pyrolysis plant, which can recycle waste tire plastic to fuel oil, carbon black, combustible gas and other useful resources. And because of the increasing popularity of the thermal decomposition unit project, many people are curious about the detailed cost of the TDU. Then this passage will have a brief introduction to help you to get detailed cost of thermal decomposition unit.

DOING thermal decomposition unit for saleDOING thermal decomposition unit for sale

Firstly, you need to select a reliable thermal decomposition unit manufacturer and supplier, which can provide comprehensive and patient service to provide the detailed cost of thermal decomposition unit. At the same time, finding a manufacturer with their own factory and reaearching team can ensure the good quality of the thermal decomposition unit and offer a more preferable cost quotation. Henan DOING Company is just such a trustworthy choice.

Research&Development team of DOINGResearch&Development team of DOING

As a reliable manufacturer and supplier of thermal decomposition unit with over 14 years, DOING has formed our own mature and complete service team. After receiving your inquiry, we will arrange the professional sales manager to contact you. During the consultation process, our sales manager will recommend suitable model and configurations of the thermal decomposition unit for you, then they could customize a proposal and detailed cost quotation according to your project.

And the thermal decomposition unit cost varies from different factors, such as types, capacities, configurations and so on. Take DOING the most popular choice-batch type 15TPD thermal decomposition unit as an example, the cost with the basic configurations is about 71500 dollars; and if you want to set up a small project as a test, you can invest in the smallest capacity of 100/500kg per day for about 12000 to 22000 dollars; and if you want to enlarge your business scale, the fully continuous thermal decomposition unit with 40/50TPD cost is about over 400000 dollars;

Different types and capacities of DOING thermal decomposition unitDifferent types and capacities of DOING thermal decomposition unit

And there are also other optional devices for your reference, which will influence the cost of the thermal decomposition unit, related to safety, environmental protection etc. So when you contact our sales manager, please tell them your requirements clearly, then they could provide more advice for you and make the detailed cost quotation for you.

Comprehensive services provided by DOINGComprehensive services provided by DOING

Over the past 14 years, DOING has cooperated with customers on our thermal desomposition unit, and the services provided by our service and sales team also received good feedback and praise from them, related to detailed cost quotation, customized scheme, technical guidance and training, etc. So if you want to get detailed cost of thermal decomposition unit, just send your inquiries and detailed requirements to us, our team will make a detailed scheme for you.

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