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How to turn tires to energy without incineration?

2019-03-04 / Industry News / Leave Message / Chat Online

At present, there are 800 million vehicles in the world, and a large number of used tires are produced every year. The correct ways of handling of used tires has become an urgent problem to be solved worldwide.

tires to energyUsed tires

Tire is a synthetic rubber product. The synthetic rubber contains some aromatic hydrocarbons, halogens, nitrogen and sulfur as a rubber softener. Incineration produces carcinogens harmful to human body such as dioxins and phenols, and there are sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. Halogen gas such as chlorine or even cyanide or cyanide, pollute the environment, acidify the soil, and damage human health. Most rubber products can be recycled and should not be incinerated. However, in some countries and regions, incineration is still used to solve the problem of used tires even now, it has caused big pollution to the environment on which human beings depend, and on the other hand, it is also a waste of resources. Obviously this is not a good treatment for used tires. Relatively, pyrolysis is a better solution for treating used tires. Then what is the difference between pyrolysis and incineration?

tire incinerationTire incineration

The pyrolysis technology of waste tires refers to the heating of waste tires under complete oxygen deficiency or limited oxygen supply, and the degradation of high molecular weight polymers and organic additives into low molecular or small molecular compounds. Through pyrolysis process, the contents of oil, carbon black and steel wire could be fully recycled for renewable use. This makes pyrolysis become one of the most scientific ways to recycle used tires. Except the full recovery function, pyrolysis process would not generate secondary pollution. It is the ideal solution of waste rubber products and waste plastic.

continuous tyre pyrolysis plantContinuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant

Henan Doing company is a professional manufacture of continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant, we’d like to help you to solve the pollution of used tires, and make the world a better place.

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