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How to start a used tyre recycling business in small investment?

2019-02-23 / Industry News / Leave Message / Chat Online

There are mainly 3 kinds of business in used tyre recycling business. Used tires retreading business, used tires rubber powder business, waste tyres pyrolysis business. Among these used tyre recycling business, used tire pyrolysis business is a scientific recycling method and the best way to promote the development of circular economy.

The used tires retreading business is one of the early methods of used tyre recycling business, but there are many problems recently. Due to the high investment cost, the automation of production equipment is low, and most of them are processed by hand, and the retreaded tires failed to fit the requirements from government, it is harder to sell the retreaded tires in the market.

used tyre recycling businessUsed tires retreading business

The used tires rubber powder business refers to separating the steel wire and fiber inside the tire through various techniques and grinding the rubber into rubber powder. The production process is highly complicated, the equipment cost is high, and the product usable range is limited, so the profit getting less and less in the waste tyre recycling to rubber powder business.

starting a tyre recycling businessUsed tires rubber powder business

Used tire pyrolysis business adopts the pyrolysis technology to convert used tires into fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire with high market value. Used tire pyrolysis business has been developed for more than 10 years, and the technology is very mature. The tire oil produced by this equipment has high and stable market value as a substitute for coal. Especially in those countries where coal resources are scarce, tire oil has become the main industrial heating fuel. Carbon black can be sold to the new tire manufacturing factory, or used as the material of painting after further grinding, and the steel wire can be sold to the steel factories.

how to start tyre recycling businessUsed tire pyrolysis business

Small investment, mature technology and easy operation. These characteristics make Used tire pyrolysis business the best solution in used tyre recycling business.

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