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Turkish customer ordered two sets of 10 TPD pyrolysis plants from DOING

Congratulations! On April 11, 2023, the Turkish customer successfully ordered two sets of 10 TPD pyrolysis plants from DOING, which can be used to convert waste tires to fuel oil, carbon black and steel wires.

It is estimated that Turkey produces about 250,000 tons of waste tires every year, which are cheap and easy to obtain. Therefore, the Turkish customer can convert waste tires into fuel oil at a low cost to meet the high demand of the oil market. Apart from fuel oil, the Turkish customer can also obtain lots of carbon black and steel wires, which also have a large market.

Final products from waste tire pyrolysis plantFinal products from waste tire pyrolysis plant

According to our previous market survey and project cases feedback, a set of 10 TPD pyrolysis plant can generate a profit of at least $2,365 per day, which is a very profitable investment. Therefore, the Turkish customer decided to invest in a pyrolysis plant to make full use of local abundant waste tires to get huge profits.

When choosing the pyrolysis plant, the Turkish customer was most concerned about the stability and safety of the pyrolysis plant. Therefore, the Turkish customer compared several manufacturers and contacted our regular customer for more details about the DOING pyrolysis plant.

Project cases of DOING pyrolysis plantProject cases of DOING pyrolysis plant

According to our regular customer's feedback, our pyrolysis plant adopts advanced technology to enhance the stability and safety during the operation processing. And DOING also offers comprehensive services to ensure the smooth operation of pyrolysis plant, like installation guidance, plant warranty service, etc. All these prompted the Turkish customer to sign the contract of two sets of 10 TPD pyrolysis plants with DOING finally.

DOING pyrolysis plant has been exported to more than 90 countries and is a reliable and effective solution for waste tire recycling. If you want to learn more about the pyrolysis plant, please feel free to contact us.

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