Sustainable waste tire management: green waste tire disposal way

Waste tire is well known as the "black pollution", but it can also be recycled to achieve sustainable waste tire management and disposal. At present, the common green waste tire disposal and recycling technologies and methods are prototype utilization, crushing, and thermal pyrolysis.

1. Prototype utilization

Prototype utilization can extend the life cycle of waste tires, and waste tires can be directly used in artificial fishing reefs, tunnel projects, wharf projects, agricultural (garden) artistic purposes, entertainment facilities, and sand control dam projects. Relatively speaking, the resource utilization rate of this waste tire treatment method is not high.

2. Crushing

Waste tires can be used as raw materials for building materials and rubber products after crushing. After crushing, rubber powder, reclaimed rubber and other related rubber products can be obtained and used frequently.

The waste tire recycling disposal method of crushing has low energy consumption and low technical requirements, but attention should be paid to dust removal and ventilation in the processing workshop, otherwise dust pollution may occur.

rubber powder Rubber powder machine

3. Thermal pyrolysis

Adopting pyrolysis machines to dispose of waste tires is currently the most popular waste tire disposal method, which can recover resources reasonably and make high profits. The main principle is that waste tires are pyrolyzed and decomposed in anoxic or inert gas to obtain carbon black, pyrolysis oil, steel wire and other substances.

pyrolysis plantWaste tyre pyrolysis plant

Waste tire pyrolysis oil can produce a great calorific value and has a wide range of applications, especially suitable for industries that require high heat energy, such as cement factories, steel factories, heavy oil generators, boiler heating, etc. And the tire pyrolysis oil can also be further refined into diesel fuel by DOING Waste oil distillation machine.

applicationsThe products and applications

The carbon black obtained by this waste tire thermal pyrolysis technology has a high yield and can be used in tires and various rubber products, electrode materials, composite materials, inks, asphalt modifiers, color masterbatches, etc., with high application value. The obtained steel wire can be used to manufacture steel basic materials such as metal abrasives and steel wire cutting shots.

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