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Tire steel wire rolling separator running

Tire steel wire rolling separator which is difficult for compressing from waste tires...

Waste oil disillation machine running situation in Lebanon

Waste oil distillation machine could proess the tyre oil/plastic oil/waste engine oil/waste Lubricating oil into diesel. ...

DOING Corporate Video

DOING Corporate Video...

OTR tire cutting machine runing video

OTR tire cutting machine cuts the OTR tires for futher use. this video presents you the working process of OTR cutting ...

The tyre doubling & unpacking machine runing video

The tyre doubling & unpacking machine is our new developed and new design tyre processing device used for making several ...

Carbon black pellet machine

Pyrolysis plant working video in Bangladesh,We can see the whole working line include the final product- fuel oil.The pyr...

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