How to avoid the pollution of tire pyrolysis to the environment?

It’s a good way to recycle waste tire to fuel by continuous tire pyrolysis machine, but we know that there are also some pollution produced in the pyrolysis process. If these pollutants are discharged directly, it will pollute the environment and the atmosphere, then how to avoid the pollution of tire pyrolysis to the environment?

continuous pyrolysis machineDOING continuous tire pyrolysis machine

In view of this situation, DOING company has designed different treatment equipment according to different pollution generating ways.

pyrolysis machineTreatment equipment designed by DOING

There are mainly two aspects of pollutions from tire pyrolysis. One is the hydrogen sulfide generated in the tire pyrolysis process. Hydrogen sulfide is an acid gas that smells of rotten eggs. If it is not removed, the smell in the factory will be very unpleasant, but how to removal it?

DOING GROUP company designed a tail gas deodorization device, which can remove the hydrogen sulfide in the tail gas. The tail gas deodorizing device contains special catalyst, and there are two spray towers, which can effectively remove hydrogen sulfide in the tail gas.

tire pyrolysis machineTail gas deodorization device

Another is the flue gas from heating fuel. The heating fuel of pyrolysis plant can be wood, coal, heave oil, diesel, nature gas and so on. If you use nature gas as fuel, there will be no pollution, but if you use coal, heavy oil and diesel, there will be some pollution in the flue gas, such as soot and some acid gas. For the pollutions in the flue gas, DOING designed higher configuration flue gas desulfurization & purification tower,  which uses a double-layer spray device with special fillers and catalysts that can effectively remove dust, 98.5% of acid gases and nitrates well.

continuous tire pyrolysis machineFlue gas desulfurization & purification tower

To sum up, with the tails gas deodorization and flue gas desulfurization & purification tower, the emission of continuous tire pyrolysis machine can be up to the standard, and there is almost no pollution to the environment, so customers can use it without worry.


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