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What is the best way to convert rubber, tires, plastics and waste product into oil or something useful?

There are many kinds of way to dispose rubber, tires, plastics and waste product, such as selling them to recycling center, putting them in the dump centrally,etc. And the best way is to recycle them and convert them into oil or something useful like carbon black by virtue of DOING pyrolysis plant. This recycling method is not only environmentally friendly & pollution free, but also can bring good economic benefits.

The processing methods of DOING pyrolysis plant for oil production are as follows:

1.Using the heating system of the pyrolysis equipment, the raw material in the reaction kettle can be heated to reach a certain temperature for pyrolysis. The main heating material of this equipment is the non-condensable tail gas produced during the pyrolysis process. But exhaust gas alone is not enough, so some additional fuel can be wood, coal, natural gas or pyrolysis oil it produces. When it reaches a certain temperature, the oil and gas will come out.

reactor The process of reactor heating

2.After reaching a certain temperature, the oil and gas is cooled by a condensation system and the corresponding fuel oil is exported through the pipeline. Part of the combustible and non-condensable gas will directly return to the combustion chamber as fuel to heat the pyrolysis furnace, so as to save fuel;

3.Tire/plastic/rubber/sludge after being fully cracked, to ensure no residual oil and gas, carbon black will be discharged from the discharge door. If raw material is waste tires, there will be a process to pull out the steel wires;

DOING pyrolysis plant to convert these wastes into fuel oil or something useful to obtain profit. Meanwhile, it’s also equipped with some optional devices to improve safety, efficiency and environmental protection degree like carbon black processing device, exhaust emissions environmental protection control device, effectively reduce the emission of pollutants, make its emissions standards; Equipped with oil-water separation device, water seal, vacuum device, to ensure safe production of the whole process of operation system.

Henan DOING specializes in the production of waste pyrolysis plant which is independently developed and designed, reasonable design, durable, has been recognized by customers at home and abroad. If you need to know more information about waste recycling production equipment, welcome to call Henan DOING consultation.


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