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How do I get the right pyrolysis plant for my specific needs?

There are different tyres of pyrolysis plant of different manufacturers. If you want to get right pyrolysis plant, you must confirm what your specific needs are, such as the raw materials you want to process, the amount of raw materials you want to process per day, the area of your pyrolysis plant workshop, your budget, etc. If you know these, Doing Company can give you suggestion on getting the right pyrolysis plant.

continuous waste tire pyrolysis plantContinuous waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plant

There are two kinds of pyrolysis plant of Doing Company: batch pyrolysis plant and fully automatic continuous pyrolysis plant. The batch pyrolysis plant can process waste tire, waste plastic, waste oil sludge and waste aluminum plastic materials. But the fully automatic continuous pyrolysis plant can only process waste tire till now. So you can choose the right pyrolysis plant according to your raw materials you want to process.

continuous waste tire pyrolysis plantMaterials that can be processed by continuous waste tire pyrolysis plant

Besides, if you have a great amount of waste tire and want to improve the efficiency of production, you should choose fully continuous pyrolysis plant. Because it is a new design of pyrolysis plant, controlled by PLC system, and it continuously feed and slag, thus no need to stop the machine and wait it to be cooled down for discharging carbon black. And continuous pyrolysis plant adopts accurate calculated pyrolysis system, which could ensure fully pyrolysis of the input, thus to get high oil output.

But if you plan to invest a small-scale production, the batch pyrolysis plant will be suitable choice. Compared with continuous pyrolysis plant, the batch pyrolysis plant has lower price, and if your processing capacity is lower than 15T/D, you can only choose batch pyrolysis plant. If your processing capacity is more than 15T/D, but the budget is limit, you can also choose batch pyrolysis plant.

batch waste tire pyrolysis plantBatch waste tire pyrolysis plant

Doing Company has been researching in pyrolysis plant for more than 10 years. The batch pyrolysis plant is our hot-sale machine, and the fully automatic continuous pyrolysis plant is our new design machine. You can choose them with safety, because our pyrolysis plant have obtain highly pra`ise from many clients around the world. So give us your specific needs, our engineers can provide you with the right pyrolysis plant. Welcome to consult us!

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