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Palestine waste engine oil distillatin plant project

2016-09-15 / In Asia / Leave Message / Chat Online

From the beginning of May, our Palestine customer came to visit us , Henan Doing. He bought one set of 5 ton crude oil distillatin plant with indirect heating system from us to refine his waste engine oil into diesel.

After discussing with our engineer and technician, he learns how to install crude oil distillatin plant and operate our crude oil distillatin plant properly. Here are some pictures

Palestine customer and our engineer
The crude oil distillatin plant for him is our new design with indirect heating system. In this way, our machine will help him to save much fuel and save much time for operation.
Now let us see the distillation design for him:

oil distillation machine
Crude oil distillatin plant
The crude oil distillatin plant can convert tire oil, plastic oil, and waste engine oil to diesel.This kind of diesel can be used for tractors,tracks,ships and diesel oil generator etc.
oil distillation machine
Diesel oil application

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