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What are the technical advantages of continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant?

Continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant, as its name implies, can be working continuously without stop, such as continuous feeding, continuous oil producing, continuous syn-gas recycling as well as continuous carbon black slagging . Therefore, continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant must have technical advantages as its support to run continuously.

waste tyre pyrolysis plantContinuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant

One of the technical advantages of continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant is ---continuous feeding.

Continuous feeding is a key factor which can determine whether the pyrolysis plant can realize the continuous running. The feeding system of our continuous waste pyrolysis plant adopts “Sand sealing safety auger structure”, if there is a special case of leakage between the feed end and the feeding auger feed inlet during the actual production process, the inlet part of the reactor can be completely sealed to avoid oil gas continue to overflow in the feed direction along the feed port to prevent serious conditions from occurring.

continuous tyre pyrolysis plantSand sealing safety augerstructure

The other important technical advantage of continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant is ---continuous carbon black discharging.

Continuous carbon black discharging is the second indispensable factor for a continuous waste pyrolysis plant. Our continuous plant adopts "carbon black exhaust anti-blocking " tech in order to prevent the carbon black powder entangled with oil and gas in the pyrolysis reactor from accumulating on gas outlet part and then avoid the block. In the other hand, the pressure in the reactor is increased due to weak gas outlet, and a special scraper is installed at the outlet port of the reactor. The wall twister can not only periodically start the carbon black sticking on the pipe wall and push it back into the reactor, but also does not interfere with the normal discharge of oil and gas, and does not need manual regular cleaning to ensure the continuity and safety of production.

tyre pyrolysis plantCarbon black exhaust anti-blocking device

In this article, we mainly introduced the above two important technical advantages of our continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant. For more technical advantages, please do not feel hesitated to send your enquiry.


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